Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Not so bad

There are times when everything comes together--good weather, good company, fun things to do. This is from County Fair time when the fam made a trip to the Pasco Farmer's market. Not too big a deal, Pasco hasn't realized how wonderful this all is.
Brandon or Carol serves as photographer, but where is Dennis? Ah, yes, being the magic grandpa. I have Ade in the child seat and am driving circles around the market, lulling Ade to sleep with my smooth chauffering and cool tunes. Later, I pick up some of the clan and we push on to other exciting (well, for the Tri-Cities) things to do. We love it.

Friday, September 4, 2009

A buccaneer used my bathroom

No, I did not see him
But, he left his buccaneer hat on the back of my toilet
And an almost perfectly round rock next to the soap dish

Other clues

He moved my truck keys from the key bowl to the back bedroom bookshelf
He hid the remote control from the sewing room
He scattered my office paper clips to each room of the house
He left a Tommy Tippy cup in the dishwasher
He left a longing in my heart

He must be a strange buccaneer
I hope he comes again real soon.