Thursday, March 19, 2009

There's a place where I can go....

There is one room in my house in which I am totally at ease. It is my office and I love it. Against the tearful pleadings of my wife, I painted one wall a red-orange and have hung various mission paraphenalia (mine and my boys'). I have a wonderful bookshelf with my favorite books (mostly church and state nonfictions like history and/or unusual facts) and a cheap stereo where I play my CDs. I file everything and work from an In basket to my four drawer or two drawer file. It is also a showcase for memories of raising five dynamic children. You can see in this shot some of the photo albums that chronicle those early years, and you can also see some of the homecoming court photos or student body officers photos from their high school years. My wonderfully indifferent cat, aka, Steve Compton Martial Arts Master of the Universe sin Huevos sits on the window sill, wistfully hoping he can bring down the birds outside and avoid that horrible bully the squirrel. I can while away hours balancing the 5 checkbooks we maintain, or playing Freecell. I love it--do you have a special place?


  1. I love our couch. Does that count? Most times there is no where I would rather be then watching a movie with Devin by my side. Our couch is extremely comfortable and sometimes I can't wait to get home from work just so I can relax and watch a basketball game and drink a diet coke. Every thing we do at home normally revolves around that couch and I love it.

  2. i love our backyard. we lay on a blanket everyday and look at all the flowers and cactus. the rock waterfall makes even the hottest days a little bit cooler.