Friday, January 1, 2010

This is the sight early Christmas morn. David has camped in the living room with the HD screen and portable heater going, and the Christmas lights on. Yes, a high amp evening for him. But, hey, he is without his right arm here, away in Kooskia Idaho with her family. We love this kid


Here, our boy checks out his new iPhone, which with accessories, constituted his main gift. So many cool applications, but too complicated for his dad to figure out.

At long last, love arrives, looking different yet again from any photos we have of her. She is the lovely Kymberlee Smith who, along with her sister Samantha lit up the house until their departure flight to Phoenix on New Year's Eve. The visit was so low impact, we're hoping they return often.


  1. who is from Kooskia? My dad was born in Kooskia and I lived a year there when I was 8...I love Kooskia.

  2. Where is a picture of the truck??

  3. You might be qualified to receive a Apple iPhone 7.