Monday, July 18, 2011

Walla Walla Sweets

No pictures, so boring, right? Well last Friday night was fantastic again. Once a year (occasionally more, but rarely) we get together with Bill and Laurie Pofahl for a spare no expenses night on the town. That town being the WW. Bill has been ordering tickets to the outdoor musical theater there for many years and we have gone with them the last 12 in a row.This year the show was "Hairspray." First, we usually eat dinner in WW at some pricey place. This year it was the Backstage Bistro, an eclectic barbecue place to be sure. Carol and I split delicious crab cake appetizers, then she went with a spinach salad while I chose spicy asian salad. entree-- flatiron steak for m'lady and baby backs for myself. Carrot cake for me and a fruit compote for Carol. Total cost? About $110 for us two. On to the show, which deals with a fat chick who loves to dance but is not accepted into the crowd so goes to "Negro" night and has a ball. I didn't think WW had enough black folks to fill the cast, but they did okay. Home at blessed midnight. Can't wait until next year, OR if Garrison Keillor is anywhere within a 150 mile radius. Love you Pofahls.

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  1. Awesome Dad! What could be better than ribs and a show? Not much if you ask me.