Sunday, April 19, 2009

One final ALOHA

Here we are outside the entry center at Waikeloa with our orienter, Mailee, who has told us what to see and where to go. She has also gifted us with these bigger and better leis. Last time, it was miniscule sea shells. No gift certificates, as they think their gift was letting us stay in a "Tier 3" condo for the points usually used for a "Tier 2" condo. So, lah-ti-dah! Mailee is giving the "shaka" sign, which Hayden is thoroughly checking out. Can't tell if Devin's blouse is wet from a swimsuit beneath or Hayden above. Let's go have some fun!


  1. These pictures make me laugh. Good times!!

  2. Remind me to tell you the story of Jeffrey(Devin's youngest brother), the "shaka" sign anad the his swimming coach. I am not sure I can do it justice writing about it.