Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Times

I finally did it! Impulse shopping at its max! Yup, I bought two tickets to the Tacoma Dome performance of the American Idols 09 tour! I like Adam the best, followed by Allison, then Gokey, Kris and even Matt! The concept of seeing them together on a single stage boggles my mind. In the future you will have to spend 5 times that money to catch their individual acts--they are that good. When my little rock group asked me to sing lead for them, I was extremely flattered to go and try me stuff. They asked if I could sing "hotel california". Well, of course I could sing "hotel california"--give me a downbeat. Oh my gosh! It was a such a high register I couldn't hardly get a note out. Fortunately, the guys could all transpose, so we got it down to a manageable range for me to handle. As we worked out our playlist I was amazed at how high all the professionals sing--don't even ask me to try Boston, for heaven's sake! So, yes I am just short of obsessed with Adam Lambert. He will be a rock god, as predicted by Kara! My boss is the next biggest AI fan I know and he is encouraging me to blow off work one afternoon and one morning after, just to go see this on a Tuesday night! Okay, everyone, be ready to air play the background to these lyrics--Deep down inside........Woman! need (three big notes).....LLLLOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE! (Fade to black with head banging Zep notes)

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