Sunday, November 22, 2009

Denver Bound (again?)

Once was a time when heading for Denver meant reliving my mother's life. We lived in Manassa Colorado during my Dad's stationing in Saudi Arabia and then Eniwetok Atoll. A drive to Denver meant getting cool board games, going to May D & F Department store, and maybe Elitch's Gardens--an amusement park. How it has changed. Now it means deplane (there is such a word?), drive through Aurora to the new suburbs of Parker to visit my daughter, her husband and three grandkids. That's where we are bound on Thanksgiving Day itself. Flight back on Sunday, so there's really no time for sightseeing, is there? So much fun to roll around the carpet with the kids, capturing them and having them miraculously escape, eating turkey and turkey leftovers and no doubt singing around the piano in the evening. There'll have to be some shopping done, to save December postage, and I'd love to go to Papadeaux now that I know there is one near Denver. Sleepover for the two oldest grandkids and a wonderful Hampton House breakfast buffet for the four of us! Oh yeah--I'll be sure to take my warmer coat to face les nieve du hier. Right? Jingle jingle, save me some gravy.

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