Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Denver Doings

Fast and furious was the pace, but fun and fanciful was the party. Delightful brine-prepared turkey, then turkey sandwiches, then turkey soup. Good sleepover with Izzy and Grady (notice the cookies and hot chocolate bedtime snack), to include breakfast at Hampton Inn followed by a good swim in the heated pool with the whole Parker clan, then a tree lighting ceremony featuring Izzy and her choir, then the movie "UP" on the wall with surround sound, then saturday with football games [yay BYU!!] and finally dinner at Papadeaux where we got to watch Laurel browbeat the service staff into getting us seated and comping our spinach-crab dip.

This video may be a little hard to hear. I think I may have had my finger over the built-in microphone. Whatever, sit back and learn about Thanksgiving folks!


  1. Sounds delicious and fun. We are really bummed we had to move that weekend.

  2. Looks fabulous...will we ever get together again?

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