Friday, July 31, 2009

Grease is the word

Yes, just when we thought we'd entertained ourselves to death, here comes our annual trek and anniversary celebration in Walla Walla, the home of the coolest outdoor musical theater in the state. Our dear friends, Bill and Laurie Pofahl get the tickets every year (reserved seats $20 each--a deal after the AI concert) and we go out to the finest restaurants available in Eastern Washington that night. On this night we chose to go to a gourmet restaurant in Waitsburg, a mere pimple on the nose of progress here. Oh yum, as the women munched down on lobster ravioli, I had a wonderful Jambalaya and Bill had a seafood etouffe. Not to be found anywhere else this side of the Cascades. Then off we headed for the production of "Grease" on the outdoor stage you see in the photo above. The production did not have the quality of voices one could expect in a Phoenix or Los Angeles venue, but the enthusiasm was there and the orchestra was a rockin' 50's band, so as the subtle burps of Andouille sausage and smoked venison rose to the surface we settled in to the fun of Southeastern Washington, where everyone talks to the people in the rows in front of you and at intermission you buy popcorn you know came from one of those industrial bags cooked somewhere in Stockton, CA about 2 months ago. Oh well, something about "les bon temps rollez!!!" What's next in this whirlwind summer?


  1. No retelling of the overly gay owners of the restaurant that got mad you wouldn't take their diet green tea?

  2. These are the things we sometimes suffer in silence for a great bowl of okra, and four separate cajun meats. Gosh, I'm ready to go back tonight!

  3. You guys always do such fun things...I love the image of the old popcorn...which I love to eat.