Monday, July 6, 2009

McCain Reunion 2009

Every evening, the kids would gather around Carol for "Red Purse" night. This is based on the tradition she has when visiting grandkids--she always has something special in her big red purse. For this vacation she had a bag of treats each of four nights. First night--books for all. Second night--toys for all. Third night--crafts for all. Last night--treats for all. We are convinced we are not buying our grandkids' love--simply giving them cause to express it. Carol is a wise and beloved grandmother.

Okay, here we are in Yellowstone--our first attempt at a Dennis and down McCain family reunion. Pushed and organized by Aaron and Candace, it was a huge hit. We stayed in a large home in Island Park. One person (Candace) bought all the food based on menu suggestions from all four couples (Carol and I, Aaron and Candace, Laurel and Tom, Carl and Devin). Using precise engineering datasheets, the costs of room and board were equitably determined. We hit Yellowstone for two full days, starting with Old Faithful first and the second day the kids focused on Yellowstone Falls walks, while Carol and I drove the big loop from Madison up to Mammoth east to Tower, south to Yellowstone falls, back to Madison.
We saw this buffalo peacefully grazing alongside the road. Sort of a token expression, but kind of endearing

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