Friday, July 10, 2009

Yes we did, we really did

Acting like teenagers Carol and I drove over to Tacoma on Tuesday night to catch the American Idols 2009 road tour at the Tacoma Dome. Actually, it was the Adam Lambert show and that's the reason we went. Amazingly, everyone around us also indicated that's who they were here to see. Left me wondering who the heck made all of those darn phone calls for Kris? Due to that miserable traffic around Seattle we got to the Dome only 12 minutes before showtime. Fortunately, we had anteed up the $25 for premium parking so were within quick walking distance to the right door right outside our section. Anoop was smooth and sexy, Allison rocked the house, and Matt was a fantastic performer (how did we not like him?). After six performers, they even had a 20 minute intermission. Yeah, Allison, then Gokey did well. Everyone then knew the next performer and when the lights went out, they started stomping on the floors until there was quite a rumble. Then, the stage lights started going crazy and everyone got on their feet and screamed their heads off before we even saw anyone! Sure enough, next comes the main riff for Whole Lotta Love and whatever energy we had left was directed to the stage as the most impressive rock star in the last 15 years walks out and starts jamming. It became exhausting for us 60 year olds to pour this all out. When Allison ran out to sing Slow Ride with Adam, I nearly fainted. Okay, so anyway, we all sat down about 8 bars into the follow-up act--oh yeah, that Kris Allen guy. Turns out he was good, too, but the audience declared the real champion. I think Kris can handle that--just two different but both excellent styles. We got up the next morning and drove back to Kennewick, and I was at work around 1 p.m. My office mate says I'm acting like either a 14 year old girl or a 21 year old gay guy. Whatever.....Adam rocks!!!!


  1. awesoooooooooome!!
    you are so cool dad.
    a serious music fan going out of his way to support music he loves.
    rock on!!

  2. I think that all of Kris's votes came from the South. Those southerners really support each other (which is why half the winners have been from the south).

    I never knew that 14 year old girls and 21 year old gay guys have the same taste. I guess that explains why Brittany Spears has so many fans.

    Sounds like it was a great concert